Contactless venue solutions

Contactless venue solutions

Gain full control and visibility with the latest digital solutions

Manage capacity and reduce customer touch points with our end-to-end venue solution.

Discover the latest digital tools, tailor-made for your sector.

Streamline the arrival experience with ticketless solutions

Enable customers to pre-book their visits on your website & enter your venue with a scan of their barcoded e-tickets.
Sell tickets from your website
Upsell products & services
Manage entry & track capacity with a scan
A branded ticket shop created with the Nutickets white label event ticketing software

Take full control of your venue operation with intelligent on-site solutions

Manage your traffic flows & take cashless payments with just the tap of the smart wristbands. Gain real-time insight into your footfall & revenue streams.
Plan & manage on-site capacity 
Improve safety & security with contactless payments
Analyse your footfall & revenues 
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